Pipe Art & Design Services HDPE Pipes and Welding

HDPE Pipes and Welding

HDPE Stands for High Density Polyethylene. HDPE pipe and HDPE Fittings are produced from high density polyethylene raw materials. It is used in the following industries but not restricted to transporting water for mining, municipal, marine, industrial, domestic and agricultural areas. HPDE pipes have a life span of approximately 50 years and its durable, strong, flexible and reliable. High density polyethylene pipes are corrosion resistant and abrasion resistance to chemicals which also makes this material an excellent choice for sewer projects.

HDPE Pipes

Diameter 16mm – 630mm . 6m & 12m lengths Pressure rating PN4-PN32

HDPE Rolls / Coils

Pipe Diameter 16mm – 40mm in 100m coils  50mm – 90mm Diameter in 50 & 100m coils
110mm – 50m coils and straight lengths 
125mm 1000mm in 6m & 12m Lengths
Pressure rating – PN20

The range of fittings extends rom reducers to junctions, straight connectors and blends. The diameter ranging from 50mm to 400mm. 

Other fittings include  – HDPE EF Elbows, HDPE EF Saddle, HDPE EF Coupler, HDPE EF Equal Tee, HDPE EF Tapping Tee, HDPE EF End Cap. 

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